Workers Compensation Dentist

If you sustain a dental injury on your job, you can seek treatment at Comfort Zone for Dentistry. Dr. Hamilton is known as one of Sugar Land’s most experienced workers’ compensation dentists. She and her staff not only provide emergency treatment with compassion and care, but they will also work with a patient to help them file a dental workers’ compensation claim.
Managing a workers’ compensation claim can seem complicated at first, especially if you are in any kind of pain and looking primarily to heal yourself. We know and understand the regulations involved in filing a claim in Texas, and can assist patients in also understanding requirements and processes so that they will be paid fully and in a timely manner. Workers’ compensation helps pay for medical bills and lost wages.
Understanding the laws and regulations governing dental treatments and how it relates to workers’ compensation is especially important because depending on the type of treatment, a dental claim could mean as many as 15 or 20 visits to restore an injured worker to their pre-injury condition. In a few cases, if there is a major trauma, claims may run into the thousands of dollars. This may be because trauma may extend beyond a patient’s mouth to include their jaw or neck.
In other cases, we may need to assist a patient by referring them to a specialist, such as a periodontist, and endodontist or an oral maxillofacial surgeon. Helping our patients to find the right treatment after an injury is part of our comprehensive treatment service. We understand that some treatments may be ongoing and complex in nature and could require months of treatment to help a patient.
While treating a workplace injury can be challenging from an administrative standpoint for our patients, we place a priority on making sure their healing needs are our primary concern. Then we will work to make sure appropriate paperwork is filed with their employer, the state, and with other key parties as needed.
If you’ve sustained a dental injury in the workplace, contact us today to get immediate help. We’ll help you heal as quickly as possible and make sure the right paperwork keeps your financial health in order as well.
Comfort Zone Dentistry serves patients in Sugar Land and other nearby Texas communities.