Sedation Dentistry

Fear of dental work is often cited as a common fear among patients who visit the dentist. They would prefer not to know what’s going on while they’re being treated. They do not want to experience the anxiety that comes from undergoing dental procedures. While there have been many advancements in the field, people find it hard to let go of old and outdated perceptions. For others, there’s just an ongoing and continuing uneasiness regarding any and all medical and dental procedures.
However, one of the great advancements in dentistry was introduced many years ago specifically to reduce patient anxiety and fears. Virtually all dental practices, including Comfort Zone for Dentistry, employ sleep dentistry to create a non-threatening and peaceful environment for our patients. As one of Sugar Land’s leading dentists specializing in gentle dentistry, Dr. Hamilton and her staff take great pride in relaxing patients prior to their treatments.
We can administer a small pill that will create a complete and overall sense of relaxation that will also produce a mild level of grogginess.
Regardless of your dental issues, it’s best to discuss your options with us if you are having any level of dental related anxiety. We take pride in placing our patients at ease, both through sedation and by making sure there is a high level of understanding of all procedures we offer. Our goal is to make sure we can ensure every patient has a safe, stress-free and successful experience while visiting our office. Contact us today so we can discuss your options.
Comfort Zone for Dentistry serves patients in Sugar Land and other nearby Texas communities.